Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nifty Nap - AI2 OSFM Booster System Explained

Good afternoon all,

As you all know I am about to release in the new year the new 'Nifty Nap' with its smaller version 'Nifty Newborn Nap' to cater for children in cloth from newborn to toilet training. They will be sold seperately and also together as a 'Your Butts Covered' pack.  

The main nappy is a one size fits most (OSFM) nappy fitting from approximately 5kgs and is an all in two nappy (AI2). Which basically means the booster system (or the absorbent part) can be removed from the shell to help with drying. It actually would have been easier for me to make the nappy a pocket nappy so I could have 2 boosters one large and one small and you can change it to which ever way you would have prefer. However, I really wanted to make an AI2 nappy as I started making AI2's almost 2 and half years go and many of my likers prefer it. This wasnt an easy task as it meant that I needed a booster to cater for a 17kg heavy wetter and also for a 5kg bub. I also have boys and I found alot of AI2 nappies did not cover my oldest adequately and he also pee'd at the front. So I needed a system which covered these 'must haves' whilst not compromising the design of the nappy. It also needed to be trim. I also didnt want an OSFM nappy being too big in the crotch area for my youngest. After many many trials with my sons I have finally worked out a new booster system to work with the OSFM Nifty Nap, it covers all of my 'must haves' and I will show you today on how it works.

There are still two parts to the system and you may find that you may never need the smallest part. It really does help for the heaviest of wetters though. You can use the smaller booster folded in half at the front for the boys or laid out flat for an all over coverage. It is really up to you and how you use it. For the smaller bubs though you really do not need it. The main booster once snapped into the nappy has 8 layers of heavy duty bamboo so is highly absorbent for most babies.

Once the main booster has been snapped into the shell the hourglass shaped booster is longer then the shell. This is deliberate. You can fold it to fit into the shell for the smaller bubs. Or you can keep it long for the older toddlers. The elastic stretches to cater for the older toddler and the booster provides adequate coverage for boys who pee at the front.

See below for a picture on how it is folded to fit into the shell for the younger smaller bub. 
The smallest boosters fits on top of the trifold if needed.
Fold the smallest booster and place at the front under the hourglass shaped booster with the elastic stretched out for the older boys.


Or place in the middle under the hourglass booster for girls (below).

The last picture is to show the set up for older toddlers (below).

Thank you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A booster overhaul and Competition update!

Good Afternoon all,

I am just letting you all know that all nappies that are made with microfleece inners from now on will now have different boosters! I was tired of the trifold boosters and now have changed my design. So keep an eye out as I will post pictures of it soon. All bamboo velour inners will remain as trifolds at this stage.

Also, I will announce the competition winner tomorrow as tonight my in laws are over for dinner and I have no time.

Thank you

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Entries so far for the Name the Naps Competiton - Closing Soon!

See Below for Entries for the Naming the Naps Competition.

Nifty OOO's - first sizing
Terrfific 2ooos or Tooo's - second sizing - Rebecca

0-TT, in my Nifty Nappy - Sharon D

"Ultimate Nifty Duo" for pack
"Nifty Newbies" for newborn size
"Nifty Bigbutts" for large size – Sharon F

So get your thinking caps on and email me or post your answers here.

Name the 2 Nifty Naps
The first is for Newborns (from 2.5kgs to 6kgs) (see picture for my bubba in one)
The second  is for bubs from 5kgs to 17kgs+ (or toilet training)
Lasty and only if you can the name for a 2 pack.

Thank you

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Only 24 days left for the Competition and updates from me!

Good Morning!
I am so very happy that I am on the verge of releasing my Nifty Naps two pack! Obviously they will be sold seperately too. The only thing stopping me is that I am technically on leave and I need the names and I have no idea what to call them! So get your thinking caps on as you only have 24 days left to the end of the competition. Please see previous blog on details. You can also email me the answers too for those who wish to do this also. You have a very high chance of winning as only a couple of entries so far. In a week or two I will make a list of all the entries on my blog so you can see.

Here is a picture of my bubba boy in the small Nifty Naps Nappy. This pattern fits from 2.5kgs and has been tested currently to 5kgs with snaps to spare and plenty of rise. My son in this picture is about 3.4kgs. I love the bib, which was a gift from a lady at work and I had the material here so I decided to make a matching nappy. Her gift is organic cotton though where as my cotton panel is normal cotton. I love it!

A close up of the trimness.

I couldnt resist!

Also, some updates from me. I am currently working on 6 Christmas Nappies and 2 special sets for 2 special ladies from the Pink Ribbon Auction. The Christmas Stocking is on the 27th of November!
The Pink Ribbon sets I hope to finish in the next week.

I will start taking orders from January and please keep an eye on my website as I might list a couple of custom spots after I finish the Christmas Nappies and Auction sets. 
Thank you.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nifty Naps Newborn Nap - from 2.5kgs

Introducing my youngest 8 day old bub in a Nifty Naps Newborn Nap - from 2.5kgs
I understand that all bubs are different and I am still in the process of tweaking this pattern but I couldnt resist showing you a picture or two right? The green paisley print is from my pattern. Although the Newborn Nappy - from 2.5kgs is relatively new I am very happy with it. It has been adapted from the larger nappy that I have been testing for a very long time and is nearing the end of the testing..... 

The release date is to be advised......

The below pictures are of my bub in the daribum pattern that I currently sell in the newborn size. As soon as I release my pattern I will no longer be making or selling from the daribum pattern except for special requests. 

Thank you xx

Monday, September 26, 2011

Competition Time!

Competition Time!

I need a name? Yes a name for my 2 nappy system/pack from birth to toilet training. Ideally I would like something to tie in with the name Nifty Naps. I also want it so its obvious that there are 2 nappies from birth to toilet training. One for newborn to small and the other nappy from small to extra large. Also, what do I call them individually (like size newborn and size large for when I do sell them seperately - I prefer not to call them newborn or large and I do not like size 1 or size 2 either. I am not asking much am I? Thank you very much for your help.

I will let this run for a while (until I tweak the newborn/small nappy pattern which shouldnt take long as I want something to work for my newborn son now (well from this weekend) and the winner will win a birth to toilet training pack (which will include the 2 nappies with your choice of minky and embroidery for both nappies - no cotton panels).

So get your thinking caps on and please comment below with your answers and leave a contact email. You can enter many times as you want.

I will notify the winner on November the 30th to arrange the prize (also to give me time to tweak the newborn/small size and to work out the kgs).

Thank you!

The picture is of my closest friend's son when he was just over 1 with my work in progress pattern - it has changed since then (the larger size) but isnt he adorable? He is now nearly 2 and a half nearly. 

2 newborn small tester nappies off to their new home

Tester Nappies!

These two are off to their new homes today (I also made another for belly babe too). I really want these to fit from 2.5kgs or 3kgs and thus I am taking it with me to the hospital to test. My bub will be apparently about 3kgs when he becomes earthside and I hope it will then last to about 7kgs or so - of course depending on the bubs shape and then my other size will then be to toilet training. The other size was a OSFM (One Size Fits Most) work in progress for such a long time but I found it didnt fit my son who is about 16kgs if I made it for the smaller bubs too thus I changed it so that it now fits my son and I am confident it will last until he toilet trains as he now has extra snaps. I have had reports that it fits from about 6 months or so but not with little bubs thus the 2 sizes. Right now my son barely fits into other large nappies due to his chunky thighs. I may ask a couple more people to test how long they last in terms of kgs once I am out of hospital and have time to make a couple more just to be thorough. I will also take pictures of my oldest son when I get out too.

Thank you!

An update from me!!!

Good Evening All,

I know its been awhile but now because I am not working my other job I will update this blog more often. Some of you are aware but for those who do not I am pregnant with my second son. He is due late this month

I am now selling my items on

We are 4 WAHMS (Working at home Mothers) - who came together to sell on the same site. I am really excited about it and love for you to check out the other ladies who sell there too.

I am still testing my pattern for the OSFM and I am not happy with the fit on a newborn bub. If I make it so it fits my oldest who is 16kgs nearly then its massive on a newborn. I really am trying to make it so that there are no rise adjuster snaps so basically I have made 2 sizes! One from newborn and one from a little bigger. The weights are being tested right now. I actually have the newborn one in my hospital bag to put on belly babe sop stay tuned for newborn baby pics. Apparently my belly babe will be about 3kgs when he is born (in a few days time......eeek). My oldest son has the larger size which I am very happy with and would release it right now as many people have now tested it but I am waiting to see how many kg's it will go to with him (he is nearly 16kgs now). I also want to release both sizes at the same time. 

I also promised a givaway at 600 fans on my facebook page -

 I am well and truely past 600 so please wait a little more as I will think of a way to have a fun giveaway while I am in hospital.

I also have a new embroidery machine (well new to me but its really 2nd hand). I cannot wait to use it and will be apart of Nifty Naps so stay tuned.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Well its been awhile :)

Hello all,

I have decided to start blogging again as its nearly been a year since I did it last. I have come along way since my last blog. Since my last blog I have accomplished the following things:

I have nearly finished my pattern of a OSFM (one size fits most) Nappy - which will now be a pocket nappy. It may have to be from 4kgs and up though but still working on snap placement for the rise (if I need them) and also the booster system. I was an AI2 but I have decided that it will be better to be a pocket nappy so people can really have a true personal adjustment to suit their bub.

I sell many things now (both on facebook and at my store located at MiniCUTEture). That range from Nappy Covers from the Artistry Creates pattern. I do not sell the Dipes and Doublers as they did not seem to work in this market but instead sell prefolds. I sell AI2's from the Daribums pattern. I sell nursing covers, nappy free time mats, breast pads, blankies, and wipes ...

I also sell a couple items at wholesale rates if bought in bulk from online stores.

Also, I attend many markets too so really I have come along way and I am quite proud.

I also have Nappy Parties too (like Tupperware parties but with cloth nappies). The hostest gets discounts too!

It used to take me 8 hours to make a nappy from start to scratch but now it takes me 1 and a half hours. I guess practice does pay off! I also had help from sewing classes, TAFE, and friends.

I will start to link some pictures soon and change to my new logo :)

Also, when Nifty Naps on facebook reach 600 fans there will be a giveaway! I will post details soon :)

Thank you for following me on my journey.