Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nifty Nap - AI2 OSFM Booster System Explained

Good afternoon all,

As you all know I am about to release in the new year the new 'Nifty Nap' with its smaller version 'Nifty Newborn Nap' to cater for children in cloth from newborn to toilet training. They will be sold seperately and also together as a 'Your Butts Covered' pack.  

The main nappy is a one size fits most (OSFM) nappy fitting from approximately 5kgs and is an all in two nappy (AI2). Which basically means the booster system (or the absorbent part) can be removed from the shell to help with drying. It actually would have been easier for me to make the nappy a pocket nappy so I could have 2 boosters one large and one small and you can change it to which ever way you would have prefer. However, I really wanted to make an AI2 nappy as I started making AI2's almost 2 and half years go and many of my likers prefer it. This wasnt an easy task as it meant that I needed a booster to cater for a 17kg heavy wetter and also for a 5kg bub. I also have boys and I found alot of AI2 nappies did not cover my oldest adequately and he also pee'd at the front. So I needed a system which covered these 'must haves' whilst not compromising the design of the nappy. It also needed to be trim. I also didnt want an OSFM nappy being too big in the crotch area for my youngest. After many many trials with my sons I have finally worked out a new booster system to work with the OSFM Nifty Nap, it covers all of my 'must haves' and I will show you today on how it works.

There are still two parts to the system and you may find that you may never need the smallest part. It really does help for the heaviest of wetters though. You can use the smaller booster folded in half at the front for the boys or laid out flat for an all over coverage. It is really up to you and how you use it. For the smaller bubs though you really do not need it. The main booster once snapped into the nappy has 8 layers of heavy duty bamboo so is highly absorbent for most babies.

Once the main booster has been snapped into the shell the hourglass shaped booster is longer then the shell. This is deliberate. You can fold it to fit into the shell for the smaller bubs. Or you can keep it long for the older toddlers. The elastic stretches to cater for the older toddler and the booster provides adequate coverage for boys who pee at the front.

See below for a picture on how it is folded to fit into the shell for the younger smaller bub. 
The smallest boosters fits on top of the trifold if needed.
Fold the smallest booster and place at the front under the hourglass shaped booster with the elastic stretched out for the older boys.


Or place in the middle under the hourglass booster for girls (below).

The last picture is to show the set up for older toddlers (below).

Thank you.