Saturday, June 19, 2010

My new sewing area - finally now I can get my groove on

This is a corner of my front room. Before I had Mitchell this is where the dining table sat and the other corners used to have a lounge with a coffe table and a lazyboy and a cheese board etc. All with very hard wood with corners so we got rid of it so that Mitchell would not hurt himself. Right now the other part of the room has a bunch of stuff that I want to sell on Ebay eventually and then I can use the money to buy me a cutting table. Eventually the whole room will be mine. I will make sure it will be mine. The best part about this room is that Mitchell cannot get into it. I have a baby gate to the entryway. So now I do not need to stress about dropped pins and needles.

I am now selling Dipes and Doublers from the ArtistryCreates pattern!!

I am so excited. I am now selling Dipes and Doublers from the ArtistryCreates pattern. I tried so hard to make it a OSFM that can be used for day and night but it just did not work in terms of drying time. So I made a Daytime Dipe and Doubler set and I am thinking about making a Night-time Dipe and doubler set. I also had a brainwave with my own design so stay tuned.....

Monday, June 14, 2010

I am now selling Covers!! Woohoo

Hi all,

If you havent already become a 'liker' of my facebook page as thats where I will be updating everyone on everything when it comes to selling items. I use the blog to really track my thought and show off all sewing projects.

I am now selling covers from the ArtistryCreates pattern. All details are on my facebook page. I am now thinking that I need a proper website and may need to enlist the help of my sister. Woohoo I cannot wait.


Friday, June 4, 2010

I have been neglecting my blog!!

I have a few entries tonight as I have not been on here for a long time. Today I woke up at 6am (when my husband got up for work) and I couldnt sleep. I had an urge....

A very strong urge to sew a cloth nappy on my overlocker. I did not want to make a fitted I wanted to make and All in 2. Basically a nappy that can seperate in two parts for ease of drying. Well here it is. Also I did not do the embroidery, the minky nappy cut came from Miss E. Thank you very much hun....mwah xxx


The other day I was thinking I wish I could overlock a AI2 (All in 2 nappy) and went on a hunt for tutes on the internet and the only way you can do the elastic is a sewing it blind. I could not find any other way. I had a nappy pattern here called the Little Comets Tail. At 6am I was in no mood to trace the actual nappy template from the pattern so I used the large cover template from the Artistry creates pattern as I use this often. It was very similar to the side snap of the Little Comets Tail so I then traced the snaps and elastic etc onto the minky etc (you may see the washable blue pen in the pictures). I then just followed the Little Comets Tail instructions to overlock my nappy. I did not use the pattern for the trifold. I just made a trifold as I have had made a few already to replinish my stash. It took about 4 hours. My first ever nappy from start to finish took about 8 hours and it was only a pocket without the insert. So pretty happy with the amount of time it took me. Usually I do a production line up, I cut a heap of nappy cuts, then cut the nappies, then sew then etc so I usuallyy make several at the same time which is quicker but I was on a mission to make a completed nappy today. Please note this is only for personal use only. I will not sell this if you are wondering why I changed the patterns willy nilly. It was more about making a nappy by overlocking.

Also, I need to practice my overlocking as it was a bit funny in places. I am having lessons soon :)

The inner is black microfleece I forgot to take a pic :)