Monday, September 26, 2011

Competition Time!

Competition Time!

I need a name? Yes a name for my 2 nappy system/pack from birth to toilet training. Ideally I would like something to tie in with the name Nifty Naps. I also want it so its obvious that there are 2 nappies from birth to toilet training. One for newborn to small and the other nappy from small to extra large. Also, what do I call them individually (like size newborn and size large for when I do sell them seperately - I prefer not to call them newborn or large and I do not like size 1 or size 2 either. I am not asking much am I? Thank you very much for your help.

I will let this run for a while (until I tweak the newborn/small nappy pattern which shouldnt take long as I want something to work for my newborn son now (well from this weekend) and the winner will win a birth to toilet training pack (which will include the 2 nappies with your choice of minky and embroidery for both nappies - no cotton panels).

So get your thinking caps on and please comment below with your answers and leave a contact email. You can enter many times as you want.

I will notify the winner on November the 30th to arrange the prize (also to give me time to tweak the newborn/small size and to work out the kgs).

Thank you!

The picture is of my closest friend's son when he was just over 1 with my work in progress pattern - it has changed since then (the larger size) but isnt he adorable? He is now nearly 2 and a half nearly. 

2 newborn small tester nappies off to their new home

Tester Nappies!

These two are off to their new homes today (I also made another for belly babe too). I really want these to fit from 2.5kgs or 3kgs and thus I am taking it with me to the hospital to test. My bub will be apparently about 3kgs when he becomes earthside and I hope it will then last to about 7kgs or so - of course depending on the bubs shape and then my other size will then be to toilet training. The other size was a OSFM (One Size Fits Most) work in progress for such a long time but I found it didnt fit my son who is about 16kgs if I made it for the smaller bubs too thus I changed it so that it now fits my son and I am confident it will last until he toilet trains as he now has extra snaps. I have had reports that it fits from about 6 months or so but not with little bubs thus the 2 sizes. Right now my son barely fits into other large nappies due to his chunky thighs. I may ask a couple more people to test how long they last in terms of kgs once I am out of hospital and have time to make a couple more just to be thorough. I will also take pictures of my oldest son when I get out too.

Thank you!

An update from me!!!

Good Evening All,

I know its been awhile but now because I am not working my other job I will update this blog more often. Some of you are aware but for those who do not I am pregnant with my second son. He is due late this month

I am now selling my items on

We are 4 WAHMS (Working at home Mothers) - who came together to sell on the same site. I am really excited about it and love for you to check out the other ladies who sell there too.

I am still testing my pattern for the OSFM and I am not happy with the fit on a newborn bub. If I make it so it fits my oldest who is 16kgs nearly then its massive on a newborn. I really am trying to make it so that there are no rise adjuster snaps so basically I have made 2 sizes! One from newborn and one from a little bigger. The weights are being tested right now. I actually have the newborn one in my hospital bag to put on belly babe sop stay tuned for newborn baby pics. Apparently my belly babe will be about 3kgs when he is born (in a few days time......eeek). My oldest son has the larger size which I am very happy with and would release it right now as many people have now tested it but I am waiting to see how many kg's it will go to with him (he is nearly 16kgs now). I also want to release both sizes at the same time. 

I also promised a givaway at 600 fans on my facebook page -

 I am well and truely past 600 so please wait a little more as I will think of a way to have a fun giveaway while I am in hospital.

I also have a new embroidery machine (well new to me but its really 2nd hand). I cannot wait to use it and will be apart of Nifty Naps so stay tuned.