Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A booster overhaul and Competition update!

Good Afternoon all,

I am just letting you all know that all nappies that are made with microfleece inners from now on will now have different boosters! I was tired of the trifold boosters and now have changed my design. So keep an eye out as I will post pictures of it soon. All bamboo velour inners will remain as trifolds at this stage.

Also, I will announce the competition winner tomorrow as tonight my in laws are over for dinner and I have no time.

Thank you

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Entries so far for the Name the Naps Competiton - Closing Soon!

See Below for Entries for the Naming the Naps Competition.

Nifty OOO's - first sizing
Terrfific 2ooos or Tooo's - second sizing - Rebecca

0-TT, in my Nifty Nappy - Sharon D

"Ultimate Nifty Duo" for pack
"Nifty Newbies" for newborn size
"Nifty Bigbutts" for large size – Sharon F

So get your thinking caps on and email me or post your answers here.

Name the 2 Nifty Naps
The first is for Newborns (from 2.5kgs to 6kgs) (see picture for my bubba in one)
The second  is for bubs from 5kgs to 17kgs+ (or toilet training)
Lasty and only if you can the name for a 2 pack.

Thank you

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Only 24 days left for the Competition and updates from me!

Good Morning!
I am so very happy that I am on the verge of releasing my Nifty Naps two pack! Obviously they will be sold seperately too. The only thing stopping me is that I am technically on leave and I need the names and I have no idea what to call them! So get your thinking caps on as you only have 24 days left to the end of the competition. Please see previous blog on details. You can also email me the answers too for those who wish to do this also. You have a very high chance of winning as only a couple of entries so far. In a week or two I will make a list of all the entries on my blog so you can see.

Here is a picture of my bubba boy in the small Nifty Naps Nappy. This pattern fits from 2.5kgs and has been tested currently to 5kgs with snaps to spare and plenty of rise. My son in this picture is about 3.4kgs. I love the bib, which was a gift from a lady at work and I had the material here so I decided to make a matching nappy. Her gift is organic cotton though where as my cotton panel is normal cotton. I love it!

A close up of the trimness.

I couldnt resist!

Also, some updates from me. I am currently working on 6 Christmas Nappies and 2 special sets for 2 special ladies from the Pink Ribbon Auction. The Christmas Stocking is on the 27th of November!
The Pink Ribbon sets I hope to finish in the next week.

I will start taking orders from January and please keep an eye on my website as I might list a couple of custom spots after I finish the Christmas Nappies and Auction sets. 
Thank you.