Saturday, April 16, 2011

Well its been awhile :)

Hello all,

I have decided to start blogging again as its nearly been a year since I did it last. I have come along way since my last blog. Since my last blog I have accomplished the following things:

I have nearly finished my pattern of a OSFM (one size fits most) Nappy - which will now be a pocket nappy. It may have to be from 4kgs and up though but still working on snap placement for the rise (if I need them) and also the booster system. I was an AI2 but I have decided that it will be better to be a pocket nappy so people can really have a true personal adjustment to suit their bub.

I sell many things now (both on facebook and at my store located at MiniCUTEture). That range from Nappy Covers from the Artistry Creates pattern. I do not sell the Dipes and Doublers as they did not seem to work in this market but instead sell prefolds. I sell AI2's from the Daribums pattern. I sell nursing covers, nappy free time mats, breast pads, blankies, and wipes ...

I also sell a couple items at wholesale rates if bought in bulk from online stores.

Also, I attend many markets too so really I have come along way and I am quite proud.

I also have Nappy Parties too (like Tupperware parties but with cloth nappies). The hostest gets discounts too!

It used to take me 8 hours to make a nappy from start to scratch but now it takes me 1 and a half hours. I guess practice does pay off! I also had help from sewing classes, TAFE, and friends.

I will start to link some pictures soon and change to my new logo :)

Also, when Nifty Naps on facebook reach 600 fans there will be a giveaway! I will post details soon :)

Thank you for following me on my journey.