Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 Tester covers - Size small and an update on the 'Dipe'

The below are two small covers also from the ArtistryCreates pattern:

I was also trying out different amounts of bamboo in the lay in 'Dipe'. Well one was so thick I thought I would try to use it for a night time 'Dipe' and guess what? No leaks, it just takes two days to The other 'Dipe' had less bamboo in it and it lasted 3 hours before my son needed to be changed due to going down for a nap and it wasnt even washed several times yet. So I think I know how much bamboo to use now and to offer another smaller 'doubler' to offer those the option to make more absorbancy for heavy wetters, naps, or night-time. I will send some out soonish to the many testers that I have lined up..
so watch this space.

I am going camping for the long weekend (Easter) so wont be online for the whole weekend as I am really roughing it. I am going to a place where there are no showers or dunnys (we have to dig our own dunny) and the only water will be the ocean so I have to carry about 20 litres of water with us...but I cannot wait. So tonight I spent my time packing and looking after Mitchell who is curently teething, poor thing.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My sewing weekend - Practising the Artistry Dipe and Diaper Cover

I spent alot of time sewing this weekend. I first made two Artistry Dipes. The below pic is one of them. The other I placed on my sons bottom as I was going to test how long it took to wet through but he christened it within 10 mins so I had to take it off him. Typical of Mitchell....

The 'Dipe' is a OSFM and can go into all Diaper Covers from Artistry. I made two with differnt amounts of Bamboo to test how they go with lasting and also with laying them in the various sizes of covers. The below is an example of it laying in a small cover. You just fold it down in smalls (and newborns) covers.

The below is a large cover I made for Mitchell. It is too big for him and he is definitely a medium. He normally is a large in most nappies but I should really go by the weight range for this pattern for Mitchell.

The size comparison between a Large cover and a small cover

The 'Dipe' layed out in the Large Cover

The Large cover done up with the 'Dipe' inside:
I am so excited as I am pretty happy with the results.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My First Nappy made from my own design

Although I have drafted a few 'work in progress' patterns (3 to be precise)  this is the very first nappy (AI2) that I sewed just to see how it all looks. I hate it but I wanted to see how it looks to know what to change on the pattern for the 4th draft. I am trying to make a nappy that does not dig into the thighs of my son and I want more absorbancy up the front as he is a side/front sleeper. I actually was not going to post it but thought why not? Do not look at the stitching either as it was really about what to change. I am drafting a OSFM nappy and I need to add snaps on the next draft and also work on that booster (that booster is really my first draft and I was going to worry about the boosting at the very end). The booster will fold out for ease of drying too.

I am also thinking about making the snaps at the front somehow for the booster as then when it comes to rinsing and if there are any solids then you do not have to touch it, which you sometimes have to with snaps at the back. I need to work on the extra material bit on the thigh area. I have alot of OSFM that digs into my sons legs so wish for some material to be there but not that much.

The bottom part is great: (specifically the crotch).

Here is the front (I wanted the stomach area to curve). Do not look at the legs - that area needs work.

My first PUL cover with FOE - ArtistryCreates Diaper Cover (Nappy Cover)

This was the very first PUL cover with FOE taken from the ArtistryCreates pattern (I have a license to make and sell from this pattern). I am very happy with it. I think I may not have the exposed pul on the inside though (I am still deciding). I think it looks unfinished with the exposed PUL but if I have another layer (such as microfleece for the inner) then it may end up too bulky.

My Sewing Day

Today I cleaned my sewing area and organised quite a few things. I labelled everything and found everything a home. I then spent the day cutting and pinning. I want to show you my sewing area because it will change in the next month or so (once I clean out the other room and have a garage sale :)
I am surprised at how much you can actually do when your work area is clean and also when hubby is home :p

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lets talk nappies

Soon I will be selling from the Artistry pattern (specifically the mini diaper and diaper cover) and I cannot wait. Right now I am practising practising practising. I worked with FOE (fold over elastic) for the first time tonight. I am actually really really happy with how the cover turned out. I cannot wait to start making more and start sharing my love of cloth to more and more people. I am at the stage of feeling confident of showing off my nappies and would like a place to document them so from now on I will be showing off my nappies here and then I can look back and think wow was it that long ago.... lol

Currently I am in the process of creating my own OSFM pattern which will be a AI2. I have had a few issues. I am trying to make a OSFM nappy where it does not cut into my little mans legs. He has chunky thighs and some OSFM nappies dig into him :(
He is also a stomach/side sleeper and I want a nappy which has a booster that covers more the front too (I have come across many that barely cover the bits. I will post my original patterns soon - you should see them, I have come along way since I started. I still have a long way to go and need to have many friends testing them but I am pretty happy so far.

Eventually I would like to make a 'nappy shorts' it appears to be clothing on the outside but it really is a nappy. I also want to focus on boys as I feel there is nothing out there for them and there are many pretty girly things.

Anyway, I cannot wait to receive all my fabric/material from the states....I am getting restless.