Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trim versus full coverage Nappies - A Comparison

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I have been working on my next product the 'Full Butted' OSFM Nappy which will be released very soon both with Minky and with PUL outers.  I thought I better discuss the key differences of the two

In the beginning when I first started drafting my pattern 3 years ago I wanted a nappy that was trim through the crotch, side snapping OSFM and an AI2. It evolved to include no rise adjuster snaps. The main thing for me was that it needed to be trim, really trim. I didn't like how most OSFM nappies were wide in the crotch and I tried a lot of nappies back in the day. 

The difference with my nappies compared with other nappies on the market that have rise adjuster snaps is that they adjust in the waist snaps and grows with your child. When placing the nappy under the child at nappy change time, place the nappy to where you want it at the back. Then snap close making sure its a snug fit. You can make the rise longer for older bubs by placing the nappy further back - and adjust the snap position on the wings making it grow with your child.

They can fit from approximately 5kgs to 17kgs. They are deceptively small but have been tested on big bubbas and can fit up to 17kgs. The many layers of bamboo can hold the biggest wee and are great for long naps. They have been tested with pooplosions for little bubs right through to the more solid poos for the older bubs. As with all nappies the occasional leakage can happen as we are of course talking about bubs and poo here, however it has been tested extensively and I haven't heard of one leak when fitted correctly. This includes my nearly 1 year old son who up until very recently used to go every 3, 4, 5 or every 6 days and had pooplosions every time - I just made sure the nappy was a snug fit.

Some testimonials:

"Your trim design is one of the trimmest I have ever seen. At first I thought the nappy was too small but after the demonstration I have now mastered it for my master 3 year old and I love it. It doesnt seem like he is wearing a 'huge' cloth nappy at all"

"Your nappies are definitely my favourite (and I've tried a lot!). Plus the custom ones I got are just sensational"

If you want a trim nappy that last from 5kgs to 17kgs this is the one for you.

However this 'trim' design may not suit the fuller bottomed bub so I have been working behind the scenes to be a shop that can cater for all. With wetbags, bio liners, cloth wipes and much more! 

The fuller bottomed nappies will be exactly the same but a little larger around the bum! They will still be AI2's that have no rise adjuster snaps on the front. I will post pictures in the next blog so keep an eye out.

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